Scheduling Information

Last Updated: 4/23/2020 5:49 PM

Thank you to those who have already submitted the 9th Grade Google Scheduling Form. Just a reminder, if you haven't completed your form please do so by Monday, 4/27. Don't hesitate to reach out to your high school counselor if you need help! Thanks! 


9th grade scheduling information HERE


Scheduling information for the 2020-2021 school year will be available in Spring of 2019!  Below was the process for this current school year.  This process will be similar in nature if you are interested in knowing how scheduling is handled yearly.  


2019-2020 Scheduling Process

Trinity Middle School's scheduling process is designed to foster discussion among teacher, student, and parent. Teacher recommendation, parent and student requests, and multiple measures of student performance data (PSSA, CDT, PVAAS, course grades) will be considered when scheduling students. Your child's success is our number one priority.

This year, scheduling for current and incoming Trinity Middle School students will be completed through the Skyward student information system. PLEASE BE SURE that your child has access to their Skyward username and password. Fifth grade students will be receiving these logins when they arrive to complete the online scheduling process.



February/March 2019

Scheduling sheets will be distributed to all TMS students and all 5th grade Trinity students.

At the Elementary Schools, students will complete these sheets with their teachers, parents and school counselors as needed.

At the Middle School, students will complete these on their own time and there is a parent signature requirement prior to returning their individual scheduling sheet. For courses that have multiple offerings (such as honors courses or Math courses), your child will have to obtain his/her current teacher's initial next to the course selection to indicate agreement. Teachers may contact you regarding your child's course selections and any concerns that they may have. When the scheduling selection form is complete, it must be signed by a parent/guardian prior to returning the sheet to your child's homeroom teacher.


March 2019

MARCH 15: ALL current 6th/7th Grade Students' Scheduling Sheets due to student's homeroom teacher. These must be signed by all necessary teachers and a parent/guardian.

MARCH 18-19: TMS students will meet with the their School Counselor to schedule through Skyward using their already completed scheduling sheets.

Elementary students will be scheduled by TMS School Counselor using their scheduling sheets.

April/May 2019

April 17: ALL current 5th Grade Students' Scheduling Sheets due to student's homeroom teacher. These must be signed by all necessary teachers and a parent/guardian.

Teachers will complete teacher recommendations, which will turn into course requests for students. These requests are based on pre-requisites and multiple data points, including student grades, local assessments (quarterly assessments), PSSA scores, and CDT scores. Parents are encouraged to review these requests when working on scheduling sheets with your child. Please contact your child's teacher with questions regarding their recommendations.

APRIL:  Students complete current grade-level PSSA's.

MAY 7: Students in grade 5 will complete the TMS Math Placement Test. Please see TASD Policy 215 (Math Acceleration Policy) and the Math Course Sequence for more information. This is an "opt out" test, in that all students will be tested unless a parent/guardian writes an opt-out letter to exempt their child from the placement test. Should you want to opt out your child of the Math Placement Test, please write a letter to the attention of your child's current school Principal prior to May 1, 2018.

MAY 10: Students in grade 5 will receive the results of the TMS Math Placement Test and the recommended 6th Grade Math Course. Please see TASD Policy 215 (Math Acceleration Policy) and the Math Course Sequence for more information. 

MAY 14 & 15:  Algebra I students complete Algebra I Keystone Exams.

Friday, May 17: ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO MAKE TMS SCHEDULE REQUESTS FOR CURRENT TRINITY AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS. No changes will be made after this date, other than those based on student performance data - this includes incoming 6th graders.