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Finger Scanning Information

IdConnect Information

Protection of our student’s identity is one of the biggest concerns at present and for the future in our digital world.  Ironically, the IDconnect® finger identification system, a fantastic tool to prevent identity theft sometimes gets placed into a negative category since it is dealing with fingers and fingerprints. Here are the keys to why this system is an ultra-protector of our identities and should not be a worry to parents.


  1. The important thing to remember is this system protects from identity theft.   TASD is taking this step to protect money on student accounts and the value of any meal benefits extended from USDA.
  2. The IDconnect system does not store a finger print image and does not store any of the measurements it uses during this matching process.   It also does not store any details about the finger and the fingerprint.  It instead creates a long integer through mathematic equations with input and operations that are variable.   The input and operations of this mathematic equation or algorithm changes based on details and quantities of measurements found on the finger when it is on the reader only, none of this is stored.
  3. This process is one directional.  It is impossible mathematically to reverse the long integer stored to anything related to the finger or fingerprint because of so many unknowns that are not stored with the number.  Only when the finger is back on the reader using the same software, are these unknown variables available in order for the software to make a number match.
  4. Everything is encrypted and nothing is in the Cloud or on the Internet.   


Looking at the overall system understanding these key points, the IDconnect® system is like placing a layer of anonymity between your child’s ID number and everyone but your child.  Only your child can place their enrolled finger and get a match to their ID number for all the areas our school needs to protect them from identity theft and protect their account with us. 

Without this valuable system, accounts could be compromised from students giving us false student ID numbers or from simple cashier errors. For this reason, students must scan to purchase food in all of our cafeterias.

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