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Threat Assessment Program

In June 2019, the Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted new requirements for K-12 Threat Assessment Policies and Procedures. Among its provisions, Act 18 of 2019 established new requirements for K-12 school entities related to threat assessment under Article XIII-E of the PA Public School Code, as well as responsibilities for Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency’s School Safety and Security Committee (SSSC) to support implementation.


With this new law, Pennsylvania was able to develop and provide model policies and procedures to help local school boards establish and operate threat assessment teams to support their schools. The primary focus is on establishing threat assessment teams, including procedures for the assessment of and intervention with students, staff, parents, or anyone whose behavior poses or could pose a potential threat to the safety of school staff or students.


To meet the requirements, Trinity School District has developed Threat Assessment Teams at each school building. Members of the team will investigate any report of anyone that has a problem with themselves or any other person that could pose a potential threat to the safety of school staff or students.

If anyone would like to report an incident, please select the appropriate building that is involved in the incident and complete the attached Incident Report. When you submit the report, it will be forwarded to the Intake Officer to start the process.

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