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ALUMNI - You will be receiving an email or postcard with this information (many of you got them this week 11/21/16). We are working on updating our Alumni network and re-establishing our Alumni Association. The postcard/email comes from PCI who will be updating and re-publishing our Alumni directory for the 1st time since 2005.  This is a legit project we are doing, so please do not discard when received. 

Please Call 1-800-942-2105 Immediately Your Personal ID#: 880xxxxx

We are asking all Trinity High School alumni to contact us to update their alumni information. Trinity High School has recently launched a comprehensive data verification project. We've assembled the information currently listed in our alumni files and now need your assistance to confirm the accuracy of your data. Please give Publishing Concepts (PCI) a call so that we may verify your information. PCI is a trusted partner of Trinity High School. We need your help. Please call 1-800-942-2105 (toll-free) to verify the accuracy of the data currently listed on file. Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated. We are planning to print the information we have on file if we do not receive an update from you.

Ricci Rich, CAA, Trinity High School
Director of Athletics and Activities

ID#: 88041363
Phone Number
Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 
7AM - 9PM (CT)

Ricci Rich

Phone: 724-223-2000 ext. 6514