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Six students on the playground with clear blue skies behind them.
Group of students in front of television that says %22Spring Vibes%22 holding cubes they made out of paper.
Vet Tech students holding puppies in front of a yellow wall
Two photos each with groups of students holding the bridges they constructed out of rubber bands and craft sticks.
Large group of students holding instruments and wearing Trinity blue shirts.
Group of students at a conference posing in front of windows.
Group of students wearing matching blue shirts on steps in New York City.
National Art Honor Society students sitting on the steps of the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History
Group of children in white shirts in a cloud of color for the color walk
Students and teachers in front of signage - The Hiller Vault - Powered by CHROME FCU
Students dressed in basketball attire holding basketballs in front of light up letters - SOUTH
Collage of students in white shirts with color splattered from the walk
Celebrating student on World Down Syndrome Day
Outdoor foodbank with 2 students holding letuce, 4 girls with carrots and potatoes, 2 boys with potatoes and carrots
Two students in matching outfits and coyboy hats surrounded by balloons and streamers
Dare to Be Rare, Student named Brynn in shirt with Zebras and sign - In a world of 10,000,000 horses, Coffin Siris Syndrome
Group of students in business attire
First grade students with tamberines
Trinity Hall in the fall with leaves on the trees changing colors.
Trinity Hall in the winter with snow on the ground.

News & Announcements

Trout Release

Students from all four Trinity Elementary Schools visited Mingo Creek Park to release their raised trout into the water. The project taught them about the delicate balance of nature and the need for clean water to sustain life. 

Click here to see the KDKA story.


The Hiller Cafe

Trinity High School is proud to announce the opening of the Hiller Cafe, a student-run coffee shop serving beverages and treats. Operated by students from various classes, including business, autistic support, and life skills, the cafe offers valuable entrepreneurial experience and contributes to school events.

Click here to read the Observer Reporter article.

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

The Trinity Area School District, in partnership with the parents and the community, prepares students to reach their fullest potential and to become contributing members of society.

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