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Trinity Athletic Complex

Collage of turf field, admin presenting, student tumbling, and student throwing ball

To continue the dedication and commitment to the health and wellness of our Trinity Area students, the Board Directors and Administration created the Trinity Athletic Complex in September 2023. This 26,300-square-foot facility was designed to provide students, teachers, and coaches with state-of-the-art equipment and large spaces to train, practice, teach, and exercise during all four seasons.  Western Pennsylvania weather should no longer be a problem when planning workouts and practices. This facility shall invite and include all Trinity students and student-athletes to meet and exceed their exercise goals. This facility and equipment shall enhance the academic curriculum by providing teachers with a larger group instructional space and enhanced physical education opportunities. The Athletic Complex will promote student-athletes to excel, strengthen, and compete at a collegiate level.  Athletic teams can train together under optimal conditions to maximize their abilities and skills in order to compete. 

Video created by Bradley Martin, Trinity Area Graduate.

Key Features and Specifications of the Trinity Athletic Complex

•                  Total: 26,300 square feet

•                  Height 36’ tall (to bottom of trusses/netting)

•                  Sports Performance Center (weight room) 3,600 square feet

•                  Synthetic sports turf (approximately 40 Yards) 22,700 square feet

•                  Hash marks

•                  Soccer goal box

•                  Baseball/softball diamond

•                  Two drop-down batting cages

•                  Twelve state-of-the-art racks and workout stations

•                  Cardio equipment

•                  Walk-draw netting

•                  Sound system

•                  Security surveillance and video

•                  Technology screens

•                  Restrooms

•                  Water bottle filler station

•                  Athlete equipment storage

•                  Equipment storage room

•                  Portable bleachers

•                  Translucent building panels for daylighting

Pictures of blue and branded Trinity weight room equipment