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Esports arena with two television, computer monitors, gaming chairs, and couch

Trinity High School Esports Arena

Esports (electronic sports), or competitive video gaming, is trending at colleges and universities worldwide. Trinity Area High School is one of the first schools in the region to incorporate this popular program into the curriculum. While the organization of our esports competitive gaming team is certainly exciting for students who love to game, we are particularly eager to share our rigorous curriculum, which is grounded in essential Twenty-First Century Skills.

Trinity High School offers an Introduction to Esports course to familiarize students with industry game developers’ roles, responsibilities, and influences. Specifically, students learn the structure of a wide-scale gaming organization, and work to build a brand as they consider the history and culture of the industry and central tenets of the entertainment experience. Using the language of the industry, they explore the historic development of popular esports, and contemplate how the cultural and economic implications have impacted modern industry. As students engage in play experiences, they will gain deeper insight into the esports ecosystem from the perspectives of career gamers, designers, economists, advertisers, and coaches. Essentially, through their interdisciplinary studies and practical application of content and skills, students lead, strategize, communicate, create, inspire, and solve practical problems in realistic contexts.

Students thoroughly enjoy spending time learning and gaming in the Hillers Esports Arena, located on the first floor of Trinity Area High School and designed based upon recommendations of gamers and industry employers. This state-of-the-art classroom is equipped with the latest computers, gaming software, lighting, cameras, video game cards, and broadcasting software for students who want an authentic, hands-on learning experience.

To practice and compete after school, students use enhanced gaming computers, mice, monitors, and keyboards as they interact with fellow gamers from around the world. Students who wish to host and broadcast live esports events can capture commentary in the specialized gaming area where the action happens, and then output in a 4K stream on YouTube and Twitch. Simultaneously, presenters, shoutcasters, and spectators can watch the action unfold in person via mounted monitors that allow for clear viewing.

Among the most interesting aspects of Trinity Area’s Esports program is how students who engage might extend their learning and opportunities well beyond high school. Since graduates of the program will have gained valuable, practical experience and developed their critical thinking skills, they may be prepared to pursue careers with competitive salaries, or earn scholarships and continue their studies. Yes, parents, students can actually earn scholarships for playing video games! Please email Trinity’s Esports coach, Matt Christy, who is actively looking for members to join the Hiller Gamers team.

Esport arena with blue walls, computers, gaming chairs, and large T on the wall.

Trinity Middle School Esports Arena

Introducing a thrilling addition to our Middle School for the 2023-2024 academic year: a cutting-edge esports arena. This exceptional arena stands out with its array of features, including twenty-four high-end gaming computers custom built by the talented students of Trinity High School. 

The arena also hosts three expansive large-screen televisions and three Nintendo Switch gaming consoles, creating a versatile and engaging gaming environment.

This dynamic space doesn't sit idle during school hours. It serves as a hub for student activities throughout the day and after school. In particular, our Middle School esports team calls this arena home as they compete in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Esports Association (PIEA) league against their peers from middle schools across the state of Pennsylvania. It's not just a room; it's a space where students come together to embrace teamwork, competition, and the thrill of esports.