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Media Centers

HS and MS Media centers with couch, televisions, and seating, students with colorful blocks, students manipulating AR sandbox

Trinity High School Media Center

Trinity Area High School boasts a brand new Media Center designed with collaboration in mind.  Within the media center, you will find: digital collaboration tables, a presentation station, comfortable seating, charging stations, and of course,  walls lined with books. 

Trinity Middle School Media Center

The Trinity Middle School Media Center was unveiled in the Fall of 2023. This reimagined space features an impressive eight-screen video wall,  sound system, a cutting-edge esports arena, flexible furniture, a large group instruction room, and two additional teaching areas.

Trinity Elementary School Libraries


Used across grade levels as part of the science and library curriculum, the iSandBox is an innovative learning tool that combines augmented reality with a traditional sand table. This system projects images of various topographical maps, contour lines, watersheds, etc., onto the sand while an embedded depth sensor captures a 3D height map of the surface of the sand. As students move the sand, the image responds and adjusts to the changes in the depth of the sand. 


Each of the elementary school libraries house a NoRilla Table, an artificial intelligence enhanced earthquake table outfitted with a camera, touchscreen, large display and an intelligent agent. As students build and create on the earthquake table, NoRilla (a virtual gorilla) interacts with participants, taking them through different challenges and asking questions about why towers did or didn't fall to help them make scientific discoveries.

Robot Lending Library

Students in fourth and fifth grade have the opportunity to borrow Dash robots from the library. The robot lending library provide students with an opporunity to learn to code from the comfort of their home.